Our Vision

To provide small to medium sized business the workforce development resources they need to grow to their fullest potential at an affordable cost

Our Approach

Our distinctive approach using experiential learning can be
summarized in a straightforward manner: it is focused on achieving results, leaving a lasting impression, and adapting to various situations. Our solutions are tailor-made to align with your organizational objectives, providing an enjoyable and stimulating experience.

Participants in our training programs are exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities, ranging from acquiring specific compliance tasks to comprehending intricate theories and implementing them in realistic simulations. The training methodology encourages participants to explore innovative approaches, acquire knowledge, enhance practical skills, and assess their capabilities. Consequently, the organization benefits from a proficient workforce that can effectively meet its objectives.

Notably, the acquired knowledge and skills are transferable, enabling individuals to apply the techniques learned, which often leads to transformative experiences for both them and their organization.

Evaluating technical abilities, educational background, and
specific qualifications is a common practice for organizations when hiring employees. However, it's equally important for employees to possess soft skills such as effective communication, time management, and creative problem-solving to work efficiently with others. As an HR professional, promoting soft skills through training programs can support professional development.

Our Products

We work with small to medium sized (5-1,200 employees) throughout the United States. Our products include:

  • E-Learning customized to your business needs (ask about our pre-packaged certification training program for technicians!)
  • Subscription based LMS utilization branded and accessible only to your business
  • Turnkey USDOL registered Apprenticeship Program development customized to your business
  • Customized Frontline Leadership training
  • State and Federal Grant Identification and Writing services
  • Soft Skills training
  • Competency based Workforce Entry Level Training Systems including record keeping
  • New to Management training
  • Digital and hard copied Job Aid creation
  • Performance Management system development

Customized with You

E-Learning Creation

Reach your workforce efficiently and highly effectively with training you work with us to design to engage and upskill your workforce.


Branded and Accessible Only To your company

Cloud Based Learning Management System (LMS)

Small to medium sized businesses can take advantage of our subscription based LMS branded to your company. Your designated administrators can assign courses, see progress and test results and pull reports with the push of a button.


Customized and USDOL Registered

Apprenticeship Development and Implementation

Work with a true expert that's created, implemented and been awarded for multiple USDOL registered apprenticeships throughout the US.

This expert brings real industry experience from top ranked global manufacturing companies with programs still going strong for over a decade!

An apprenticeship can be developed for almost any skilled job, not just manufacturing roles.



Supervisory/Front Line Leadership Training

Research indicates that a significant portion of newly appointed supervisors and managers do not receive adequate training prior to assuming their new positions. This is a common practice in many organizations, as it is often assumed that individuals who have excelled in their previous roles will seamlessly transition into managing people. Consequently, the absence of training and preparation can have detrimental effects on the individual, the team, and ultimately, the organization. By equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively manage people, objectives, and performance, and by setting them up for success rather than failure, you can have a positive impact on the individual, the team, the organization, and ultimately, the future of your organization.


State and federal

Training and Workforce Expansion Grant Identification Writing

Training programs are sometimes expensive. Many small to medium sized businesses don't have the resources to pay for training nor the manpower to locate, write and manage grants. Here is where we come in at all levels per your request!



Soft Skills Training

Studies continuously show the common result of over 80% of career success lies in the soft skills one possesses. From a business standpoint, equipping your workforce with such skills can take your organization to the next level. Let's work together to customize your workforces' soft skills and thus making you an employer and business supplier of choice.



Workforce Entry Level Employee Training

From machine operators in the manufacturing industry to sales associates in the retail industry, let us develop and structure your training programs so that your employees have the skills they need to be successful and drive excellent results.

Training will be developed according to your processes, culture and business goals. From standard operating procedures to records of trainings completed, let us help your workforce rise to their fullest potential.



New to Management Training

Transitioning from an individual contributor to a leader of a team can seem like a daunting task for many. Without adequate support and training, many new leaders fail. The customized training will give your new leaders the skills they need to not only lead, but to thrive as a leader.


Instant Clarity on the Go

Job Aid Creation

Job aids serve as valuable resources for employees, providing them with immediate support precisely when they require it. These aids will be specifically designed to be utilized whenever there is a need for knowledge, and they have proven to enhance employee productivity while minimizing error rates.

We will work with your organization to make job specific job aids digitally and/hard copied.


grow your diamonds

Performance Management System Development

Enhancing employee performance enables organizations to streamline their operations and enhance effectiveness and output in the work environment. Performance management entails utilizing a framework of objectives and incentives to motivate team members to fully commit to their tasks. If you hold a leadership role, acquiring knowledge about performance management, including its potential benefits for the workplace, can prove advantageous. Let us help you drive results and boost employee value throughout your organization.


Contact Us

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